Al Fresco Catering

Whether you’re catering at home or would like us to cater for your event, we have a huge range to choose from.    Hog roasts, spit roasts and barbecues; buffet food; freshly made salads, quiches, vegetarian food and delicious desserts.

Fruit carving by Scotts

Mini Quiches - Scotts catering

Dressed Salmon from Scotts catering

Wonderful Wedding Catering

Here at Scotts of Carshalton we are renowned for their delicious food and fantastic, friendly, service.  Our Google reviews include many from happy couples that we’ve catered for.  We work with a number of excellent wedding venues, photographers and florist in London and Surrey so we know how to make your day extra special.

Wedding buffet - catering by Scotts of Carshalton

Scotts of Carshalton buffet catering - fresh buffet salads with fruit carving

Scotts of Carshalton catering - wedding desserts

Scotts of Carshalton – Artisan Butchers

At Scotts of Carshalton we aim to provide the best quality meat including Scottish Scot beef & Welsh Lamb.  We have a wide choice of free range pork and chicken.

Our experienced butchers will prepare small or large cuts of meat the way you like them.  With a range of rubs and marinades we cater for every taste.

Barbeques, spit roasts and hog roasts are available for hire along with incredible value BBQ meat packages.

Alan Dye behind the meat counter at Scotts of Carshalton

1.2 kg Extra Lean Mince Steak 3 x 400gm
1.8 kg Lean Mince Beef 4 x 450gm
1.8 kg English Lamb Mince 4 x 450gm
2.0 kg English Pork Mince 4 x 500gm
1.5 kg English Chicken Mince 3 x 500gm
1.4 kg Chicken Breast Fillet (Average 6 Fillets)
1.5 kg Chicken Thigh Fillets (Average 16 Fillets)
1.2 kg Turkey Mince 3 x 400gm
1.2 kg Diced Turkey 3 x 400gm
1.4 kg Festive Chicken Roast Boneless
1.6 kg Stuffed Chicken Roasties (Average 8)
1.2 kg Chicken Kiev (Average 5 Breasts)
1.2 kg Cordon Bleus (Average 5 Breasts)

1.2 kg Panko Crispy Crumb Bread Fillets
2.5 kg Chicken Drumsticks
2.2 kg Chicken Thighs
500gm Lamb Leg Steaks 2 x 250gm
700gm Loin Lamb Chops (Average 6 chops)
800gm Chump Lamb Steaks (Average 4 Steaks)
800gm Lamb Rumps (Average 2 x 400gm)
1 kg Lamb Steaks (Average 2 x 500gm)
1 kg Lean Diced Beef (2 x 500gm)
500gm Sirloin Steaks (2 x 250gm)
1 kg Angus Topside Roast
600gm Rump Steak Stir Fry (2 x 300gm)

2 kg Free Range Pork Shoulder
2 kg Free Range Pork Leg
2 kg Free Range Pork Belly
2 kg Pork Loin Joint
1.5 kg Pork Steaks (Average 8 Steaks)
1.6 kg Lean Diced Pork 4 x 400gm
1.2 kg Pork Stir Fry (3 x 400gm)
1.5 kg Gammon Steaks (Average 6 Steaks)
2 kg Gammon Joint
2 kg Back Bacon Rashers (4 x 500gm)
1.6 kg Pork Sausages (Average 50 Sausages)
2 kg Pork Sausage Meat (4 x 500gm)

Food for Thought – Ideas to whet your appetite!

Thinking of entertaining al fresco this weekend?  Too hot for a sit-down roast dinner?  Then why not roast a joint the day before so you have nothing to do on the day except carve?

Order for home delivery to make life easier.   You can then serve up a platter of our tasty canapes and also save yourself the sweat of making fresh salad. Don’t forget some delicious desserts so you finish on a high note.